Sunday, October 5, 2008

Farms providing pigs to Hormel involved in horrible cruelty

Do corporate farms have to be places of horrible cruelty? Chickens with beaks chopped off headed to KFC, downer cows dragged to the slaughter house, now Hormel pigs cruelly beaten and impaled. When I posted about KFC abuse of chickens I stated that I am not a vegan but if I view much more of this I will have no stomach for meat.

This summer we participated in a CSA program in which we subscribed to weekly food baskets from local farms. We received fresh vegetables as well as meats all grown on local family farms. The quality of the food was superb and we learned about the local farms while enjoying the food. It gave a closer connection to our community.

Corporate farms are like any other corporation having to meet quarterly numbers to keep their stockholders happy. Cutting corners and quality is just a part of the package. If you work for a corporation, ask yourself, would you want your dog treated the way workers are treated at your corporation?


Call on Hormel to make changes for animals!

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