Sunday, May 31, 2009

Simpler and better for your health, really.

real women use reel mowers

I just got done mowing the lawn. I didn't create noise pollution or air pollution or use any electricity or gasoline. I did use my own energy and sweat to get it done using a Scott's classic 20" reel mower.

So how is this simpler and healthier? I didn't have to go buy gasoline. The only tune up my mower will ever need is a blade sharpening occasionally. I got exercise without going to the gym. I got some sun and fresh air.

I can also mow the lawn early in the morning when it's cooler without worrying about noise laws since the reel mower is very quiet. The quietness also allows me to listen to my Creative mp3 player. Some people consider mp3 players to be part of the "too much stuff" we all have. However, since I can easily download musicto purchase rather than buying a plastic CD, I think I have a green solution for my music. Where ever you can cut back on plastic, JUST DO IT is my motto.

I plan to set the blades on the reel mower to one of the higher settings and mow the lawn more often then we typically have. I can count this as exercise and keep the lawn looking good too. And I think it's better for the lawn to mulch the clippings so I if I mow more often, the clippings are small enough to mulch back in to the soil which is also a green benefit. It's better for the soil and will not add bags of grass to the land fill. Green, clean, healthy makes me happy!

I used to think you could only use a reel mower if you had a small yard. We live on a half-acre suburban lot and honestly I found the task of using the reel mower to be easier than using our heavy gas mower. My husband, Brian, and I purchased the mower last summer as another way to be "green" and decrease our environmental footprint. I was surprised to find that I actually enjoy mowing the lawn with the reel mower. It is very satisfying to see the nicely cut lawn and know that the activity was a green as my pretty lawn!

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