Sunday, January 27, 2008

How Green is Kansas City?

Living in the Kansas City area, I was curious how my metro area ranks on the Green Scale. The answer 18 according to I think 18 is good, maybe a B+, but we can do better! This was our note from "the teacher": While sprawl continues and most residents remain committed to auto travel, leading indicators point toward a more sustainable future for Kansas City. Without a champion for sustainability, such as a mayor or city manager, or even a sustainability plan, the city's sustainability efforts have been piecemeal until recently. However, progress is being made in some very innovative areas. Mayor Kay Barnes' 2006 addition of an Environmental Department, increased plans for public transit, green building, community gardens, and pristine water quality are just a few examples. Let's hope that Mayor Funkhouser will hold sustainable living high on his priority list for our metro area. Read about it: Take a look at and find out how green your city is. Post about it: How do you feel about your city's action or in-action in turning green? Have you taken any personal action in contacting your city council? Have you sent a letter to the editor of your paper? Let us know what you think and what you are doing. Buzz it up

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