Saturday, August 9, 2008

Kentucky Fried Cruelty: time to kick the bucket - Pamela Anderson Video

Pamela Anderson is famous for videos on the web. This is one that is truly revealing, but in a whole new way. Once you see it, you will never look at a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken in the same way again. If you dare, view her video here:
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I am not a vegan or activist for animal rights. I do believe that the least we can do if we eat animals is to respect the life within them and give them a healthy environment in which to live while they are raised. It's not only humane, but an animal raised in a healthy environment produces healhier and better tasting food. (Sorry Peta!) I am still a meat eater, but I have greatly reduced the amount of meat in my diet. I often have vegetarian meals. It is a result of needing to improve my health, but the more I explore vegetable dishes, the more great food I find. Meat is no longer the main attraction on our table. There are multiple reasons to reduce the amount of meat that we eat. It is healthier for our bodies. It is also healthier for the planet. Meat takes lots of resources to feed and raise, slaughter, deliver to market, and keep fresh until the consumer purchases the meat. After you watch Pamela's video, watch this one about a responsible and humane way to raise chickens: Path to Freedom: heritage chickens.

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