Sunday, March 23, 2008

What do Snowmen know?

Since when have news reporters become "foot soldiers?" Since the advent of the Fox News Network. Fox News is in an all-out attack against Iran. If you don't believe me, please continue reading and watch the videos contained in this message. Some people didn't take the Snowman seriously. And no one seemed to be listening to Dennis Kucinich as he uttered the most profound statement of the entire primary debate when he said, "We must first stop global warring before we can stop global warming." Why is it that some of the most essential and important messages seem to be minimized into oblivion while other messages are pounded out again and again? It is no accident. Please read on and watch the video in this message. We have gone from being a government "of the people, by the people, for the people" to one that is run by the profit-seeking corporate entities which have no allegiance to America or the American people. In collusion, segments in the news media are going beyond reporting to creating the news and beyond creating the news to writing our governmental policy. The president's bully pulpit has been usurped by an aggressive force that is misleading us down a path of destruction politically, environmentally, and socially. America needs to pay attention. How soon we forget. 911 is the rally call of the petrochemical-industrial compound to mislead us into wars for oil. It pulled us away from the real war in Afghanistan into Iraq. Will we be so easily mislead into expanding our global warring into Iran? And where next? More than 3500 brave young men and women in the American armed forces are dead and untotaled numbers of other American solders maimed physically and mentally. How many innocent Iraqi citizens have lost their homes and their lives? We do not even know nor has any one even attempted to count. You can do something! Send a message to the Main Stream Media (MSM) and let them know you don't want the news to become an endless stream of Fox News Propaganda. Stop the Morph! Go to the site: Buzz it up

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