Sunday, April 6, 2008

Rock Chalk Jayhawk KU! Final Four Victory!

Kansas Head Coach Bill Self signals victory to a national audience after defeating North Carolina on Saturday, April 5, 2008 at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Tx.

What do basketball and sustainable living have in common?

Let me explain. Integral to the philosophy of sustainable living is being involved with your community. So my husband and I felt there was no better place to watch the Jayhawks final four game than sitting in Freestate Brewery in Lawrence, Kansas knocking down some locally brewed beer and cheering along with other KU fans. And undoubtedly, there was no better place to celebrate their victory than on Massachusetts Street with an estimated 25,000 (according to reports from a state trooper) more wildly happy fans.

Better than sitting at home on the couch watching the game on the big screen in high def? Absolutely!

It was a spontaneous celebration equal to Mardi Gras, New Years Eve, and the Fourth of July all rolled in to one. Best poster seen on the street: Roy-Demption - Self-Satisfaction. In case you missed the game or just want to watch it again: Launch Player Picture of the Mayhem on Massachusetts Street, Saturday, April 5th, (KCTV5) Now you have it. My picture is on the blog. Really, I'm in there, just keep looking. Enjoy...the final four rap...comments on Roy-demption.

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Anonymous said...

It really was quite a zoo. :) After watching the game at Free State, we poured out into Mass Street and joined the herd of blue congregating around 10th. Along the way I noticed that someone had left a Pabst Blue Ribbon on someone's car... I thought it was pretty funny until I realized the car was mine. Oops! I think I left it on the sidewalk as a charity gesture to the less fortunate. The rest of the evening was a blend of firecrackers in the street, lots of amazed cops, KU flags waving, and some guy who looked like he hadn't seen a barber since the (Bill) Clinton administration climbing a streetlight. He attempted to moon the audience while holding onto the flagpole, but a wardrobe malfunction occurred and he gave the audience more of a show than anyone cared to see. Guess he should have held onto his own flagpole first... All in all, a great evening with the KU masses on Mass, and hopefully any remaining ghosts of Roy have been exorcised. Bill Self deserves his own stage here. Bring on Memphis!

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