Tuesday, April 8, 2008

College where Green is more than Ivy on the Walls.

What do kids learn in college these days? If they attend St John Fisher College they have the opportunity to learn how to reduce their carbon footprint and that of their college as well. I present to you a guest Essayist who really "gets it". College employee, Linda Seavy, Recycling Committee Co-chair and office manager of the college library, is a woman with ingenuity and insight. Linda joined the College's Recycling Committee because she believed that everyone who cares about the environment should participate. She is now a co-chair of the committee. This year alone, the committee has been able to implement many new things including the first paper-free recycling guidelines campaign; participation in a nationwide recycling contest; the creation of a website, Fisher Goes Green, to provide information on how everyone can help the environment and efforts are underway to start a student environmental club. Click on the link to read her essay as published in the Cardinal Courier Online, college newspaper of St John Fisher College, Rochester, NY. Guest Essayist: All students should take part in efforts - Viewpoint College Sustainability Report Card. College campuses across the United States and Canada are stepping up green practices and policies, with more than two out of three schools showing improved performance over the last year, according to the new College Sustainability Report Card 2008. Buzz it up

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